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Sanitizing Equipment and Clothing

This checklist is not all-inclusive. You should add to it or delete items that do not apply to your business; however, carefully consider each item and make your decision. You should refer to Minnesota statutes and rules, and federal OSHA standards adopted by reference in Minnesota for specific guidance that may apply to your work situation (see (Note: This checklist is typical for general industry but not for construction or maritime industries.)
  • Is required personal protective clothing or equipment able to be cleaned and disinfected easily?
  • Are employees prohibited from interchanging personal protective clothing or equipment, unless it has been properly cleaned?
  • Are machines and equipment that process, handle, or apply materials that could injure employees cleaned and/or decontaminated before being overhauled or placed in storage?
  • Are employees prohibited from smoking or eating in any area where contaminants are present that could be injurious if ingested?
  • When employees are required to change from street clothing into protective clothing, is a clean change room with a separate storage facility for street and protective clothing provided?
  • Are employees required to shower and wash their hair as soon as possible after a known contact with a carcinogen has occurred?
  • When equipment, materials, or other items are taken into or removed from a carcinogen-regulated area, is it done in a manner that will not contaminate non-regulated areas or the external environment?
Source: Federal OSHA