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Safety and Health Policy Components

The following outline provides a suggested outline for your safety and health policy statement. These are suggestions only, that may give you ideas for a policy statement that reflects your company's style, attitude and values.

1) Introductory statement
A written policy statement generally starts with a clear, simple expression of your concern or attitude about employee safety and health.

2) Purpose/philosophy
An effective safety and health program has a stated purpose or philsophy. It's included in the written policy statement so that both you and your employees are reminded of the purpose and value of the program.

3) Management responsibilities
Your safety and health action plan will describe in detail who is to develop the program and make it work, as well as who is assigned specific responsibilities, duties and authority. The policy statement may include a summary of these responsibilities.

4) Employee responsibilities
Many companies acknowledge the vital role of their employees in the operation of a successful safety and health program by summarizing employee roles and contributions in the policy statement.

5) Closing statement
The closing statement is often a reaffirmation of your commitment to provide a safe and healthful workplace. It may also appeal for the cooperation of all company employees in support of the safety and health program.