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Sample Alcohol and Drug Use Policy #3

  1. Employees who drive must meet the requirements of the applicable Vehicle Policies, and exercise due diligence to drive safely. Employees are not permitted, under any circumstances, to operate any vehicle on company business when impairment causes the employee to be unable to drive safely. This prohibition includes circumstances in which an employee is temporarily unable to operate a vehicle safely or because of use of drugs or intoxication.
  2. Any disciplinary action resulting from violations of the driving while impaired requirement should be addressed through the company’s Human Resources Department to ensure compliance with any Governmental Regulations.
  3. All employees must report to their supervisor, within 24 hours, all law enforcement stops and arrests for driving under the influence, intoxicated or impaired, while driving on company business in their personal vehicle or company vehicles as defined in this policy.
  4. Failure to report will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, termination of employment.
  5. For alcohol related impairment, impaired is defined by the individual’s alcohol level, as determined by Breathalyzer or blood test, being equal to or greater than the legal limit in the location in which the employee was driving. For purposes of this policy, findings will be based on the applicable legal blood alcohol limits and will not require a conviction. Employees who are found to be impaired due to an alcohol related collision will be terminated on first offense of violation of this policy. In addition, if an individual refuses to take a field sobriety, Breathalyzer or blood alcohol test as requested by law enforcement or the company, that individual’s employment will be terminated.
  6. The determination of impairment for unauthorized legal or illegal drugs will rely on an acceptable and reliable test for the drug at issue. There is no requirement that there be a conviction. Employees who are found to be impaired by unauthorized legal or illegal drugs will be terminated on first offense of violation of this policy.
  7. Impairment due to legal prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs will be determined by applicable tests, law enforcement reports, medical advice and any other pertinent information. Employees found to be driving while impaired due to legal prescription or over-the-counter drugs may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
Source: Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS)

This information is provided as a courtesy by NETS to its members and also to the general public. It is provided "as is," without any representations or guarantees as to its accuracy, and neither NETS nor any contributing company is liable for the content or use of this information.