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General Safety for Warehouses

  • Exposed or open loading dock doors and other areas that employees could fall 4 feet or more or walk off should be chained off, roped off or otherwise blocked.
  • Floors and aisles are clear of clutter, electrical cords, hoses, spills and other hazards that could cause employees to slip, trip or fall.
  • Proper work practices are factored into determining the time requirements for an employee to perform a task.
  • Employees performing physical work have adequate periodic rest breaks to avoid fatigue levels that could result in greater risk of accidents and reduced quality of work.
  • Newly-hired employees receive general ergonomics training and task-specific training.
  • The warehouse is well ventilated.
  • Employees are instructed on how to avoid heat stress in hot, humid environments.
  • Employees are instructed on how to work in cold environments.
  • The facility has lockout/tagout procedures.
Source: Federal OSHA