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Materials Handling

This checklist is not all-inclusive. You should add to it or delete items that do not apply to your business; however, carefully consider each item and make your decision. You should refer to Minnesota statutes and rules, and federal OSHA standards adopted by reference in Minnesota for specific guidance that may apply to your work situation (see (Note: This checklist is typical for general industry but not for construction or maritime industries.)
  • Is there safe clearance for equipment through aisles and doorways?
  • Are aisleways permanently marked and kept clear to allow unhindered passage?
  • Are motorized vehicles and mechanized equipment inspected daily or prior to use?
  • Are vehicles shut off and brakes set prior to loading or unloading?
  • Are containers of liquid combustibles or flammables, when stacked while being moved, always protected by dunnage (packing material) sufficient to provide stability?
  • Are dock boards (bridge plates) used when loading or unloading operations are taking place between vehicles and docks?
  • Are trucks and trailers secured from movement during loading and unloading operations?
  • Are dock plates and loading ramps constructed and maintained with sufficient strength to support imposed loading?
  • Are hand trucks maintained in safe operating condition?
  • Are chutes equipped with sideboards of sufficient height to prevent the materials being handled from falling off?
  • Are chutes and gravity roller sections firmly placed or secured to prevent displacement?
  • Are provisions made to brake the movement of the handled materials at the delivery end of rollers or chutes?
  • Are pallets usually inspected before being loaded or moved?
  • Are safety latches and other devices being used to prevent slippage of materials off of hoisting hooks?
  • Are securing chains, ropes, chockers, or slings adequate for the job?
  • Are provisions made to ensure that no one is below when hoisting material or equipment?
  • Are MSDSs available to employees handling hazardous substances?
Source: Federal OSHA