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Hazard Communication

  • All hazardous materials containers are properly labeled, indicating the chemical's identity, the manufacturer's name and address, and appropriate hazard warnings.
  • There is an updated list of hazardous chemicals.
  • The facility has a written program that covers hazard determination, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), labeling and training.
  • There is a system to check that each incoming chemical is accompanied by a MSDS.
  • All employees are trained in the requirements of the hazard communication standard, the chemical hazards to which they are exposed, how to read and understand a MSDS and chemical labels, and on what precautions to take to prevent exposure.
  • All employee training is documented.
  • All outside contractors are given a complete list of chemical products, hazards and precautions.
  • Procedures have been established to maintain and evaluate the effectiveness of the current program.
  • Employees use proper personal protective equipment when handling chemicals.
  • All chemicals are stored according to the manufacturer's recommendations and local or national fire codes.
Source: Federal OSHA