Programs for Young Drivers

Young drivers are the most likely to be involved in crashes. Every year, drivers under the age of 25 are involved in six million crashes that result in 14,000 deaths. In fact, traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 16 and 25. Several new and revised programs can help raise awareness and change behaviors in this high-risk group.

Teens Behind the Wheel
This Minnesota-specific program, designed for 15- to 17-year-olds, can be presented in one session. The program includes a leader's guide with detailed lesson plan, a booklet for students and a video. The tone is irreverent and laced with humor. The purpose of Teens Behind the Wheel is to go beyond basic driver's education and provide additional safety messages. Specifically, it's designed to help teens:
  • Recognize they are more likely than any other age group to be injured or killed in a car crash.
  • Identify driver distractions and risk-taking.
  • Understand the consequences of being involved in a crash.
  • Develop techniques and strategies to help them be safer drivers.
Teens Behind the Wheel was produced by the Minnesota Wireless Foundation in association with AAA Minnesota/Iowa; the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety; and the Minnesota Safety Council.

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InGear - Free online training from AAA that has been clinically proven to strengthen a teen brain's visual processing. Through the use of fun and challenging arcade-style online activities, teen drivers learn to think faster, react quicker and feel more confident behind the wheel — to help them drive more safely. InGear from AAA is designed to supplement, not replace, traditional driver's training. Teens are able to complete this easy-to-use interactive program in just 10 hours.

Free Webinar: Keeping Teens Safe Behind the Wheel, Recorded October 16, 2012 (Note: When you click on the webinar title you will see a screen that says "Playback in Progress," followed by a brief delay while the webinar loads.)
PowerPoint Slides - Lt. Eric Roeske, Minnesota State Patrol (PDF, 393.17 KB)
PowerPoint Slides - Julie Philbrook, Trauma Prevention Specialist, Hennepin County Medical Center (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Teen Driver: A Family Guide to Teen Driver Safety
This publication from the National Safety Council is designed to help families and teens manage the experience from beginner to independent driver. The purpose of the guide is to provide specific actions that parents and teens can take to reduce risks.

Alive at 25 Defensive Driving Course
This National Safety Council program debuted in 1995, but has recently been revised. It's a highly interactive four-hour program that encourages young drivers ages 16-24 to take responsibility for their driving behavior. The goals of the program include teaching young adults that:
  • As a driver or passenger, they can greatly reduce their risk by taking control.
  • Committing to changing their driving behavior makes personal, legal and financial sense.
For more information about any of these programs, contact Lisa Kons at 651-228-7330/800-444-9150; e-mail:

Keys to Safer Teen Driving

Introducing the GDL Made Simple for new drivers and their parents ready to embark on the right of passage... the driver license. In this fun easy to follow format, this video will provide an entertaining and quick look at the Graduated Driver Licensing safety regulations currently in place in Minnesota.

Drive it Home — Helping You Keep Your Teen Driver Safe
Research shows crashes, currently the leading cause of teen death in America, drop dramatically as the teen gains experience. Visually compelling, and easy to share, the heart of DriveitHOMEā„¢ is a website,, which contains a library of resources illustrating the risks for new teen drivers in easy-to-understand text and videos. Also presented are a variety of effective tools to help parents build their teen's experience and confidence behind the wheel. Built for participation and sharing, we encourage parents of new teen drivers to visit

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