Keys to Safer Teen Driving

About this Project

B4 U Drive: Teens Reaching Tweens
Leader's Guide
Before You Drive Session PowerPoint

Teen Safe Driving: A Peer Education Program
Leader's Guide
Teen Safe Driving PowerPoint

Webinar: "Teen Safe Driving, A Peer Education Program" and "B4 U Drive: Teens Reaching Tweens", Train-the-Trainer, Recorded January 16, 2013

Teen Drivers: The Parents Role
Parent Class Guide (PDF and Word)
Parent Class PowerPoint
Webinar: Teen Drivers - The Parent's Role, Train-the-Trainer, Recorded December 5, 2012

For more information about the Keys to Safer Teen Driving program and how you can implement it in your school or community, contact the Minnesota Teen Safe Driving Coalition at the Minnesota Safety Council, 651-291-9150/800-444-9150;