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Swimming and playing in water can provide adults and children with hours of fun and exercise. But whether you're in the pool, on a boat, or at the beach, water can be dangerous if you don't take common sense precautions. The pages linked below help provide more detail on swimming and water safety.

Swimming and Water Safety
A Parents' Checklist: Swimming and Water Safety
Drowning fact sheet
Life Jackets fact sheet
Life Jacket/Water Safety brochure (English; Spanish)
Water Safety fact sheet
Water Safety brochure

Boat and Personal Watercraft Safety
Boat Safety fact sheet
Personal Watercraft Laws fact sheet

Pool and Spa Safety
Abbey's Hope: Water Watchdog Program
Drain Entrapment fact sheet
Safe Pool and Spa Drain Checklist
Investigative Report: Deadly Hazard at Your Local Pool?
Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

Good Going! Adventures in Safety magazine

Additional Resources
Conservation Minnesota - Lakes, Rivers and Water
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Boating, Canoeing/Kayaking, Fishing
Minnesota Water Safety Coalition - Think, Don’t Sink

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