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Are children in the bathtub always supervised by an adult?

When children swim, does an adult supervise them at all times?
Do kids always use the buddy system?

If you have a pool in your backyard, does it have fencing all around it with self-closing gates?
Do you have a locked cabinet for pool chemical storage?

Is the door to the bathroom closed at all times to prevent small children from falling into the bathtub or toilet?

Have children been taught to check the depth of the water before diving into it?

Have your children taken swimming lessons through a certified program?

When you are boating, does everyone wear a snug fitting life jacket that is U.S. Coast Guard-approved?

Are children under age 13 prohibited from operating jet skis?

Have your children been taught that when swimming in bodies of water, they should swim only in marked areas?

Have you taken a First Aid/CPR course within the past three years?

This checklist can help you start thinking about swimming and water safety. For more information, see our fact sheets on the previous page and:

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