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Safety Brochures

The following materials are available for you to download, print and reproduce:

Good Going! Adventures in Safety magazine

StreetSmarts, A Common Sense Guide to Traffic Safety - Engaging activities and practical tips for drivers, new from Minnesota Safety Council and AAA.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
Bike and Wheeled Sports Safety brochure
Bike Safe, Bike Smart brochure, PDF
Bike Safety brochure, PDF
Helping Your Child Be a Safe Bicyclist
Keeping Kids Safe On Halloween; Driving Safely On Halloween, PDF
Halloween Safety brochure, PDF (English and Spanish)
Pedestrian Safety brochure
Ride Your Bike Safely

In and Around Vehicle Safety
Backover Child Injuries, PDF (English; Spanish)
Booster Seat brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Bus Safety (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Child Safety Seat Guidelines (English); (Spanish); (Hmong); (Somali)
Don't Skip a Step brochure, PDF
Get There! Your Guide to Traffic Safety: Engaging and practical tips for drivers of all ages
In and Around Cars brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Inside Vehicle Child Injuries, PDF (English; Spanish)
Never Leave Your Child Alone brochure, PDF (kids, cars and hot weather)
On the Go! A Safety Guide for Seasoned Drivers

Safety at Home
A Parent and Caregiver Guide to Fire Safety brochure, PDF
Burn Safety brochure, PDF
Carbon Monoxide: The "Invisible" Killer brochure, PDF (English); El Monoxido de Carbono: El Asesino "Invisible" brochure, PDF (Spanish)
Falling Televisions brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Fall-Related Injuries brochure, PDF (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Fire + Burn Safety: A Guide for Parents of Young Children booklet, PDF
Fire Safety brochure, PDF (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Gun Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Outdoor Power Equipment booklet, PDF (English and Spanish)
Pet Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Playground Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Poison Safety for Kids brochure, PDF
Prevent Falls brochure, PDF
Prevent Poisonings brochure, PDF
Radon: Keeping Your Home Safe from Radon
September is National Preparedness Month
Tool Tip: Lifting Tool for Carrying Plant Containers
Trampoline brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Walker-related Injuries brochure (English; Cambodian; Chinese; Spanish; Vietnamese)
Window and Home Safety Tips

Water Safety
Life Jacket/Water Safety brochure, PDF (English; Spanish)
Water Safety brochure

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