Minnesota Safety Council

Consulting Services/On-site Training

Want to build your expertise and improve the performance of your safety programs? We can help.
Consulting services include:
  • Phone consultation (free for members of the Minnesota Safety Council)
  • On-site consultation and training
  • Customized training programs
  • Walk-through evaluations
  • Safety program revisions/audits
  • Policy development assistance
  • Alliance with Quality Safety Edge: take your culture to the next level
Contacts for consultation or onsite training:
   Workplace safety and health: Gina Hoffman, 651-228-7305/800-444-9150
   Traffic safety: Lisa Kons, 651-228-7330/800-444-9150
   First Aid/CPR; AED selection and training: Al Terwedo, 651-228-7315/800-444-9150
   Off-the-job safety: Erin Petersen, 651-288-7314/800-444-9150
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Contact the Minnesota Safety Council at msc@minnesotasafetycouncil.org
or phone 651-291-9150 or 1-800-444-9150
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