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We can match our experts to your organization's needs. Our customized training saves time and money by bringing sessions on-site to your business. Our staff consultants welcome your questions. Their expertise in regulatory compliance, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, construction and industrial safety, commercial vehicle issues, and traffic safety can help you answer questions and address critical workplace safety needs. Consulting services include:
  • Phone consultation (free for members of the Minnesota Safety Council)
  • On-site consultation and training
  • Customized training programs
  • Walk-through evaluations
  • Safety program revisions/audits
  • Policy development assistance
  • Alliance with Quality Safety Edge: take your culture to the next level
Let us help you build your expertise, meet new challenges and improve the performance of your safety programs. For questions about consultation in workplace safety and health, contact Gina Hoffman, 651-228-7305/800-444-9150. For traffic safety consultation, contact Lisa Kons, 651-228-7330/800-444-9150. For questions about first aid/CPR and selection, installation and training related to automated external defibrillators (AEDs), contact Al Terwedo, 651-228-7315/800-444-9150. For assistance with off-the-job safety, contact Erin Petersen, 651-288-7314/800-444-9150.

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