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Preventing Unintentional Injury in Minnesota:
A Working Plan for 2020

The goal of Preventing Unintentional Injury in Minnesota: A Working Plan for 2020 is to share data, provide possible strategies, suggest potential partners and help all of us work together more effectively. It explores questions such as:
  • What are our biggest problems?
  • Who is most at risk?
  • What trends do we see?
Ultimately, its aim is to enhance the quality of life in our state by helping Minnesotans prevent fatal and non-fatal unintentional injuries.

The Minnesota Injury Data Access System (MIDAS), maintained by the Minnesota Department of Health, provided a wealth of historical context for this report and identified Minnesota-specific injury trends. Rich content was provided by experts in specific injury areas, who participated in a series of meetings coordinated by the Minnesota Safety Council (see pages 7 and 8 of the plan for a listing of topics and participants).

Note: All charts contained in this publication as well as additional Minnesota data, can be found in an accompanying 2020 Plan Chartbook (PDF; 14.4 MB).

Preventing Unintentional Injury in Minnesota: A Working Plan for 2020, is a publication of the Minnesota Department of Health, Injury and Violence Prevention Unit and is supported in part by funding from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Minnesota Injury Facts

Minnesota Injury Facts summarizes current data about injuries in Minnesota at work, at home, at play, and on the roadway. Data is provided by the Minnesota Departments of Health, Labor and Industry, Natural Resources, and Public Safety, and the University of Minnesota Agricultural Safety and Health Program.

Minnesota Injury Facts, 1999-2010
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